"It is so easy to fall into tragedy or comedy. What is important above all is to be on the strict razor edge of the tightrope” - The Tightrope - Peter Brook



May 2015


An evening of short plays exploring the depth of life: from pain and loss, to the faith and beauty of love and rebirth of the human sprit. These short plays—part of 27 short plays entitled The Metropolitan Operas, were commissioned in 1985 by Circle Repertory Company in New York City.

RULES OF LOVE with Jenny Whiffen and Alex Tejedor The confessional booth of Roman Catholic priest, Father Jim McGrath, Church of St. Vincent de Paul, NYC.

SWANS FLYING with Drew Donovan, Alexandra Wijkman and Alex Tejedor Benjamin’s hospital room.

ROSEN’S SON with Drew Donovan, Alex Tejedor and Rob Harvie An apartment foyer on the upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

BENJAMIN FALLING with Drew Donovan and Alex Tejedor American writer Jack London wrote the novel Martin Eden, in 1909 about a working class sailor who commits suicide by drowning. Falling, a poem by James Dickey, was inspired by a flight attendant who fell to her death in 1962 after being blown out of an emergency exit door.

HOUSE MADE OF AIR with Emma Bernbach Carter On September 11, 1963, the Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile, was bombed by the Army of General Augusto Pinochet. With help from President Nixon and Mr. Kissinger, Chile’s economy was nearly squeezed to death. The CIA paid strikers to quit working. Sabotage and subterfuge were employed to bring down President Allende, a democratically elected president, and to replace him with Pinochet, a renowned dictator. Allende was killed in the bombing. The Fulbright Commission and The Frank Church Committee hearings on covert operations abroad, proved the participation of Kissinger, Nixon and the CIA. With the help of the United States government, General Pinochet headed one of the most shockingly violent and dictatorial regimes in the history of modern politics that lasted over eighteen years. Isabella Allende, daughter of the assassinated president wrote, House of the Spirits, a novel about the incident becoming a film with Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons. The violence of Pinochet and the Chilean army toward its own people remains an enigma of human nature that mystifies psychologists and historians to this day.

LIGHTNING with Alexandra Wijkman and Freya Kleener The directorial vehicle for this piece is inspired by the American painter, Andrew Wyeth painting, Christina’s World, in 1948. The work depicts a solitary female figure, her body robbed of strength from polio—crawling, helpless, through a muted barren landscape. Her body twisting toward a weathered group of farm houses in the distance. The painting is said to epitomize the traits of Wyeth’s inner grief resulting from his father’s death at a railway crossing three years earlier. Our pains, our struggles with life and family, loss, disease, love or lack of it, abuse, addiction, economy—all challenges of life that we all carry in one form or degree, are hidden and held inside us, held inside Lightning….

FIAT with Drew Donovan and Saskia Guanche Diaz Kenneth is a hair dresser in Emil’s Coiffure shop in an urban neighborhood somewhere in a Gold Coast. Michelangelo’s marble sculpture of the Pieta in 1499, depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. Michelangelo did not want his version of The Pietà to represent death, but rather to show the religious vision of abandonment of our earthly bodies and a serene face to the afterworld.

A Christmas Carol

December 2013 at Teatro Sans and December 2014 at Teatre Municipal Catalina Valls

Christmas Carol

The show over both years were a huge success - selling out most nights with the rest of the time being almost full! The cast had such fun performing the show and the audiences were fantastic - clapping along, dancing and everyone definately felt the Christmas Spirit along the way.

Here is the original write up:

The crotchety counter of coins, Ebenezer Scrooge, is visited by three ghosts from the past, present and future. Join in the journey as they try to enlighten him to see his past mistakes and what might be done to change his future. Will his humbug of a heart remain in Christmas? Or will Scrooge be persuaded to learn from his mistakes, to find the good in mankind and the message of love and giving that defines the Christmas season?

Come and share this magical telling of Dickens' classic tale with us on stage….. with traditional Christmas Carols sung along the way.

A Christmas Carol is sure to make your whole family smile and will fill your heart with a reminder of what really is important every day of the year!

Ebenezer Scrooger el viejo avaro, esta visitado por tres fantasmas del pasado, presente y futuro. Ven y unírse al viaje mientras que ellos intentan aclarar a el sus errors del pasado y lo que pudia ser para cambiar su futuro. Su corazon, que es un farsante, quedara en Navidad? O puede ser que Scrooge sera convencido de aprender de sus errores y encontrar el bueno en la humanidad y el mensaje de amor y el acto de dar que define la temporada de Navidad?

Ven y comparte con nosotros en el teatro esta narracíon magica del clasico cuento de Dickens...con canciones tipicos de Navidad cantado a lo largo del camino.

'Un Cuento de Navidad' es seguro de hacer todo la familia sonreírse y llenara tu corazon con el recordatorio de lo que de verdad es importante cada dia del año!

December 2013 - The Tempest - an education department production

Beyond Therapy

An amazing night for the 50 children who were part of the first education production. For most this was their introduction of performing on a professional stage and a for a high percentage of the children English was not their native language - so to perform Shakespeare to this standard after a one term rehearsal period was a huge achievement.

ISLA Education presents an inter-schools production of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, performed by children from Mallorcan schools participating in the ISLA education programme.The Tempest is the story of a shipwreck, magic, family relationships and how it feels to be 'washed up' in an unexpected place.

These underlying challenges of migration, culture shock and internationalism that suffuse The Tempest make it an obvious choice for our first schools Shakespeare collaboration. ( running time approx. 1hour)

ISLA Education: Connecting children from across the island, celebrating our differences, strengthening our links.

ISLA Educación presenta La Tempestad de William Shakespeare, un colaboración entre colegios hecho por los niños que participan en el programa educativo de ISLA. La Tempestad habla de naufragio, de magia, de relaciones familiares y de cómo se siente una persona al ser abandonada por las circunstancias en un lugar desconocido.

Los temas subyacentes de la migración, el choque cultural y el internacionalismo que impregna la obra la convierten en una opción obvia para nuestro primer Shakespeare escolar. (Duración approx 1hora)

ISLA educación -conectando niños de todas partes de la isla, celebrando nuestras diferencias, fortificando nuestros enlaces.

September 2013 - In Finding Love

Beyond Therapy

The evening featured four pieces including the first performance in English in Spain of a prize winning contemporary Spanish play,' Nina' by Jose Ramon Fernandez .

A stage reading means the actors will have the scripts in their hands and there will be no set or costumes. It is a regular practice of theatre companies all over the world to include rehearsed readings as part of the annual programme as it provides the fabulous opportunity to experiment with a script while getting live audience feedback.


Ben, a patient dying in a hospital, hears the sound of swans flying, though his nurse hears nothing. When Ben drifts off to sleep, he is visited by Eddie, who holds his hand and waits for any words of hope.


From his hospital bed, Benjamin envisions his own death-he jumps from a plane into a bright blue ocean. But his fantasies are eroded when the word of his lover berates him back into a reality where he can cling to life.


Mr. Rosen unexpectedly shows up at his dead son's lover's home to comfort him as well as himself. Finding him with a new man, he is enraged, until the tears of his son's lover compensate for his own.


A woman goes to confession seemingly to be absolved for having a sexual relationship with a priest. Her confessor is her lover, and to his dismay, she gives him the alternative of her love or God’s.

All Written by Joe Pintauro


by Jose Ramon Fernandez

This is the first performance of this award winning Spanish Play (winner of the Lope de Vega award) in English in Spain.

Set in a coastal tourist town Nina is the story of a young woman returning to her hometown faced with the juxtaposition of her first love and the harsh reality of her new life.

May 2013 - Beyond Therapy

Our first production was a great hit and tickets sold beyond our expectations. Teatro Sans was a lovely theatre to work in and we were so pleased to introduce a number of new theatre goers to this space in Palma and to ISLA.

Beyond Therapy



Beyond Therapy

This farcical comedy focuses on Prudence and Bruce, two Manhattanites who are seeking stable romantic relationships with the help of their psychiatrists, each of whom suggests the patient place a personal ad for singles in the newspaper. Bruce is a highly emotional bisexual (person) who tends to cry easily, a trait (homophobic) Prudence sees as a weakness. Their first meeting proves to be disastrous...

Written in the early 80s, it was performed On and Off-Broadway starring Sigourney Weaver, John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest.

Wanda's Visit

Jim and Marsha have been married for thirteen years and are feeling a little bored and unhappy. Wanda, Jim's old girlfriend, shows up for a visit and becomes the guest from hell. Out one night for dinner, all hell breaks loose in the restaurant as a waiter tries to cope on his first day with the confused threesome...



'Dentity Crisis

Recovering from a nervous breakdown, Jane is nursed and nagged by her energetic and overwhelming mother, Edith Fromage, who claims to have invented cheese. She also criticizes Jane for her suicide attempt, but then claims it never happened. Plus Jane is very confused by the fact that her mother and her brother Dwayne seem to be having an affair. But then at other times, her brother turns into her father, and then into her grandfather, and sometimes into a French count. So Jane isn’t really sure who he is. Her psychiatrist makes a house call and listens sympathetically to Jane’s recurring memory of attending a nightmarish production of “Peter Pan” in her youth. But then he goes off and has a sex change, and returns as a woman, and Jane has trouble recognizing him. Then his wife shows up, also with a sex change, and the wife now looks like the psychiatrist. So poor Jane feels crazier still, though Edith and Dwayne/father/ grandfather/count think the new company is great fun!


Beyond Therapy

Miranda: " How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in't!"

Prospero: " Tis new to thee!" - The Tempest Act V sc II - William Shakespeare