"It is so easy to fall into tragedy or comedy. What is important above all is to be on the strict razor edge of the tightrope” - The Tightrope - Peter Brook


30 and 31 OCT 2015

730pm - 1130pm

Cas Fiols 13, Cami de Biniaraix, Biniaraix, Soller, 07101


IT'S HALLOWEEEN....that time of year when the nights are getting cooler and Cas Fiols in Biniaraix starts to change into a spooky, fun, haunted night out!!!!

This year, for the first time, our Halloween extravaganza is open to all.

The Haunted House is bigger and better than ever before as this year we are bringing it inside the old house taking over the ground floor!

We decided to turn this years extravaganza into a Halloween fair and there will be other games the children can try their hands at like pumpkin bowling for example. All of the games will have prizes and will cost 1 Euro, a go thru the Haunted House will be 2 Euros. (A desk will be set up selling 1 Euro tokens.

Hot dogs, popcorn and drinks will also be available to purchase.

ALL the proceeds will go to benefiting ISLA Theatre as we strive to keep out foundation going! We all love bringing english theatre to this international island but as everyone knows in this day and age it isn’t easy to keep projects like ISLA going so please help by coming and having a great night!!

PLEASE NOTE: We are suggesting people park in Soller and walk up or bike, parking as we all know in Biniaraix can be limited.

So come along....dress up and join in the fun.....We are all really looking forward to seeing you , HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!
  Halloween in Biniaraix
Date to be Announced   The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Performances in English and Catalan at an outdoor location on the Island.   Venue to be confirmed.

Miranda: " How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in't!"

Prospero: " Tis new to thee!" - The Tempest Act V sc II - William Shakespeare